At Westchester Wealth Management, our goal is to empower our clients to focus on two things vision and decision. Through a deep understanding of each client’s relationship we help create the vision of what you want to accomplish financially, identify potential risks along the way, and show you multiple ways to accomplish your financial goals. Through our team’s process and analytics we position ourselves as your dedicated “CFO” and continuously monitor the written blueprint which serves as your roadmap to helping one achieve financial freedom and success.

Take back control of your finances by becoming your very own “CEO” and get on track towards pursuing your financial goals. We have a comprehensive strategic financial planning process to help our clients identify their financial and life goal then we create an action plan to put them on a track that seeks their objectives toward financial independence.

As part of our financial plan, our teams create a personalized website dedicated to helping you stay organized and in track of your progress. This website will link all your financial aspects so you can monitor your progress in real-time live data.

The wealth plan development process:

Analysis & Strategy development / Strategy Sessions & Analysis Stage

  • Comprehensive analysis of current financial position
  • Collaborate with other key advisors if necessary
  • Development specific recommendations

Plan Presentation Delivery

  • Deliver analysis of current situation
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Detail specific recommendations
  • Obtain consensus on overall strategy and recommendations
  • Execute Require Documents

Plan Implementation/ Implementation Stage

  • Complete transitions of identified assets
  • Execute each component of the plan
  • Confirm implementation with the client

Monitor & Update Plan

  • Pro-Actively Monitor performance of plan components
  • Revisit plan when major life changes occur to recommend on new opportunities
  • Determined Service Model and Agenda for next meetings

Comprehensive Wealth & Advisory Services:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning & Mitigation

The degree to each aspect’s time and engagement may vary based upon what’s important to you, the type of client-advisor engagement, and what is most significant to your financial situation.